Portraitz represents a seamless fusion of tradition and technology in the world of NFTs, brought to life by Akio Nishimura's artistic ​vision. Originating from authentic Japanese anime sketches, each character in this collection holds the delicate intricacy of Nishimura's hand-drawn art, subsequently transformed into vibrant 3D digital figures. This series invites collectors to appreciate the subtle transition from the artist's initial sketchbook pages to the immersive realm of digital art, honoring the timeless essence of Japanese creativity.


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Promotional Rules:
• Max 1 per person
• 0.01 ether
• Only 300 pcs available

Enter the ancient realm of Portraitz, where echoes of the old world guard the secrets of a mystical collection birthed by Akio Nishimura's imagination. 

In this sanctum, traditional boundaries fade, revealing NFTs that are not mere images but relics of a time when elves, wizards, warriors, and ancients roamed lands shrouded in folklore and magic.

 Each portrait harbors a soul, initially conceived with the authentic strokes of Japanese anime artistry, only to be reborn through the alchemy of 3D digital rendering.


In the ethereal realm of Portraitz, the ancient warriors stand as timeless testaments to valor and resolve. Crafted from the depths of Akio Nishimura's imagination, these formidable figures bear the weight of history's battles, their eyes telling tales of victories and sacrifices.


Within the serene corners of Portraitz reside the elves, ethereal beings woven from the threads of ancient forests and moonlit tales. Their silhouettes flicker with the secrets of age-old wisdom, a dance of shadow and light, as they embody the whispers of the woodland realm and the melody of the starlit skies that once cradled their myths.


In the arcane echelons of Portraitz, the wizards emerge, gatekeepers of secrets nestled in the creases of time. Shrouded in the enigma of twilight tales, these mystical artisans wield the tapestry of cosmic forces.


Veiled in the time-worn tapestry of history and legend, the ancients reside, the rarest souls within the Portraitz universe. These sacred spirits, curated by Akio Nishimura, are echoes of eras untouched by time's decay, immortalized in the silent strength of their gaze and the monumental tales frozen in their stance.


• Hair Color
• Eye Color
• Age
• Race ( warrior, elf, wizard, ancient)
• Armor type
• Robe type
• Head Gear
• Gaze (front, side)
• Specials


•​ Complete 3,000 Portraitz
• Launch website
• Open limited time Mint (300 pcs)
• Create social media presence
• Complete Whitepaper
• Begin marketting across the web
• Intergrate Portraitz into Chronicles
• Set Full Mint date
• Set Chronicles launch date

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